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Historical Accomplishments


MDHA works very hard on your behalf to maintain the quality of the dental hygiene profession in the state of Missouri. Some of MDHA's accomplishments for the profession are listed below:

  • 1983 Addition of a dental hygienist member to the Missouri Dental Board

  • 1992 General Supervision rules adopted

  • 1993 Dental Hygienists board member gets voting authority

  • 1993 Mandatory Continuing Education

  • 1995 Scope of practice protection

  • 1996 Protection of educational standards

  • 1997 Dental hygienists may be employed by entities other than dentists, under the supervision of a dentist

  • 1999 Medicaid policy changed to reflect current MDB supervision policy

  • 2000 Block anesthesia rule adopted and promulgated

  • 2001 Legislation passed to create a five-member Dental Hygiene Advisory Commission to the MDB. 

  • 2005  Legislation passed to establish distance dental hygiene education            

  • 2005 MDHA and MDA work together to establish distance dental hygiene education

  • 2008 Protection of Educational Standards

  • 2015 Adult dental benefits reinstated

  • 2016 Telehealth/teledentistry bill (includes dental hygienists as providers)

  • 2019 - Verbal authorization added to the General Supervision rule.