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What is Missouri HY-PAC?

 The main purpose of this committee is to encourage dental hygienists and other interested persons to inform legislators of current dental hygiene issues. HY-PAC is a voluntary non-profit committee, which supports the goals of the Missouri Dental Hygienists' Association, but operates independently and autonomously. HY-PAC is not affiliated with any one political party but supports individual candidates, and works to persuade other candidates to hear the voice of the dental hygiene profession.


Decision Makers

 Legislation and government regulations are affecting the scope and the future of the practice of dental hygiene. Important decisions are made concerning health care delivery and dental hygiene practice. We must be an active part of that decision-making process.


Voting isn't enough, lobbying isn't enough!!! 

The synergy of hundreds of dental hygienists working together is what it takes for our collective voice to be heard when public officials are debating the future of dental hygiene.


HY-PAC is active

Issues: Information about current legislative issues will be available in order to equip you with the knowledge necessary to make decisions that will count - for your patients, your profession, and yourself.


Endorsing Candidates: We will encourage members to vote for those candidates whose views are consistent with a positive impact for dental hygiene.


Donating Money: We will donate funds to endorsed candidates to help get them elected or reelected.


Providing Volunteers: We will help organize dental hygienists to volunteer in key political campaigns for good candidates.



Defend the investment you have made in the dental hygiene profession by donating money and volunteering to work for quality candidates who promote the dental hygiene profession.


Never has it been more important than it is today!!!!




2021-2022 Hy-PAC Directors

Chairperson: Diann Bomkamp

Vice-Chairperson: Linda  Hoffmann


Treasurer: Karmen Vaughn


Deputy-Treasurer: Romana Mueller

Secretary: Jen Kopp

Ex-Officio (non-voting privileges)

MDHA President: Jen Kopp


Linda Hoffmann


Diann Bomkamp



  • Central Missouri: Susan Bear and ​​Linda Hoffmann​

  • Kansas City: Melissa Saad

  • Joplin: Tia Strait and Cheryl Kuehn​

  • Southeast: Linda Cravens and Meagan Berry

  • Springfield: Kamme Benham-Grosse

  • St. Louis: Lori Crawford and Romana  Mueller​

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